If you are currently working for someone and don’t like your job.You want to be an entrepreneur but no idea where to start?

This group is for:
  • People who wants to be an entrepreneur?
  • People who want to replace the current income?
  • People who is unhappy with the current job and looking for opportunity
  • People who have an idea or not sure what to do?
  • People who are looking for passive income


This group is NOT for:
  • People who already left the job and now struggling in the business.
  • People with active businesses who are currently bringing 10000 dollars in each month.
  • People who are looking for time freedom now.
  • People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  • People who are already successful and want to double their income & their time off.


This group will provide you:
  • Mindset to get rid of your fear to quit your job.
  • Will help you to develop a meaningful business which gives you fulfilment.
  • Strategy to replace/quit your job.
  • Passive Income streams.
  • Branding strategy so you become the authority in the market.
  • How to manage your money.

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