I know it’s not an easy journey to become an entrepreneur. Did you know that you can be a successful entrepreneur and make money from the day 1 if you put the right strategy in place while you are working as an employee?

I am also sure that you know 9 out of 10 start-up fails?

There are plenty of characteristics of successful start-ups. My goal isn’t to list them all for you and tell you the story. I am in here to work with you and develop a strategy so that you can quit the job and start your journey as an entrepreneur

1.      Manage your mind

2.      Manage your money

3.      Manage your network

4.      Manage your social media

5.      Manage your marketing plan

Manage your Mind

It’s important to be ready that you want to be the Entrepreneur. Remember there is no one to give you feedback and managing your performance showing you what to do. You need to be ready for that. You need work with a Mentor or coach to find out your power, self-control and self-motivational state.

Manage your Money

We need money to start up a business. In jobs, Money can be spent any time as you know that pay cheque will come. You will need to start to save some money so that you can utilise that money when it will be required in the business

Manage Your Network

Majority of the people you will meet as an employee will be other employees. I would recommend you attend different networking group, attend workshops and seminar to develop the relationship with the likeminded people

Manage your social media

We spend so much time in the social media to connect with friends. This is your time to think about the business and future. I would recommend you bring like-minded people into your social media. Read an entrepreneur’s blog or listen to a business podcast.

Manage your marketing plan

This is your time to start thinking about your branding. Remember people invest with you, not with your business. I would recommend you think about how you present yourself in the market.