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If you are an employee, Do you want to have more impact, freedom and ultimately… Income?

This is your time to consult Australia's leading success coach for employees, wanting to become entrepreneurs. Winner of the "Best Business Award 2018" in Melbourne by Small Business Victoria. Winner of "Arthakantha Business Awards 2017" in Bangladesh.  Founder of Startup and Entrepreneurs Club.


Intensive Business Mastery
Employee to Entrepreneur

Are you  currently working for someone
and don’t like your job? Do you want to
be an entrepreneur but no idea where to start?

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Do you want to quit your current job
and earn $7000 - $10000 monthly that gives
more impact and freedom?

Millionaire Club
Millionaire Club

Are you  already making 120000-150000
annually and now aiming for the  millionaires club?


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1 Day Business Transformation

Transform your business in one day

24th June, 2019

3 days business summit by Hemi Hossain
3 Days V.I.P Immersion

More details coming soon

26th - 28th July, 2019




Today I was invited by Hemi, from Grow with Hemi, to talk at a summit he ran on ‘Employee to Entrepreneur.’ I always saw the potential in Hemi throughout his career in Telstra & I’ve loved watching him build multiple businesses from the ground up. He’s become an International speaker and most recently receiving Best Business Award in International category, by Small Business Victoria 2018. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this morning’s session Hemi. It was totally uplifting; inspiring & I loved every minute of sharing my journey.

Brooke Earle

What’s everyone doing on their Saturday morning. I don’t want to be the 90% that aren’t doing anything. It’s raining and cold but I’ve jumped out of bed and went to learn more from my mentor and coach. Today he has taken me out of my comfort zone and I went up in front of the Employee to entrepreneur summit to speak. To be a successful break out of your comfort zone and do things you thought you could never do. Loving this entrepreneurship journey with Hemi Hossain.

Mana Sands

I enjoyed the talk from both Hemi and John Di Natale, I learned a bit about how to leverage your investments to get results. On Hemi’s side of the business, just getting up to do stuff you know.

John Makar

It was a really inspirational event, it has challenged me, because I’m a bit younger and I still have a bit to learn and what I learned is that business has a foundation and it takes some time to be the foundation. You just have to push through, because it was rewarding at the end. I just learned quite a lot today to push me to do more for my business life.



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